Frequently asked questions for self help.

Sales and pre-sales
1 The purchase page is asking for a password
2 Can I - or How can I - upgrade
3 Questions on the order process
4 Magazine promotional version has expired

Download and Installation
30 General Troubleshooting of Install and Patch Install
31 Manually installing a patch
32 Installing on Windows 98/ME/2000
33 How to make a clean install
34 Cannot uninstall/re-install - error message asking for a patch
122 How to modify Windows right-click options in Explorer
134 Serif Photoplus tries to run the MSP patch file
130 Installing via dial-up or other slow internet connection
29 abolepages.dll fails to register
28 Setup prompts for DAO.MSI on Windows XP
27 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library error when installing Photoalbum
19 Error 1311 Source File not found.
8 What are the hardware/operating system requirements?
20 Setup was unable to find the MSI package.
21 Error 1606 Could not access network location.
22 Zip version
25 How do I put an Ability icon onto the desktop
26 Write Freeze/Unable to register document.

Product Keys, Activation, Registration
152 Lost activation key, serial number, registration details - re-installation
40 How to enter an Extension Code
39 I have a question relating to the online order?
38 How do you turn off the registration wizard?
36 Your trial period has expired
35 Can't get the Product Key to work.

121 Could not start print job when trying to create PDF file
126 Support for ODF and OOXML formats
50 Freeze after save to PDF
49 Error message on opening a PDF file in Ability
47 Error "W048F32W.DLL Not Found" (or similar)
48 How do I open an Ability file in program "xyz"
45 Is it compatible with my old files?
44 How can I import MS Works files?
43 What are the full import/export options?

53 General printer troubleshooting
138 Small print preview or wrong page size in Write

69 Can the spell checker from Write be used in Outlook Express?
142 Can I password protect my Write documents
70 How to make a page border
132 Large cursor and letters appear vertical
68 Cannot set the top and bottom margin to zero (or some other small setting)
67 European characters on a UK/US keyboard
54 Can't see text  in Write - all I get is blank screen
55 All I can see is the page - the menus have disappeared
56 Write won't start at all
57 Can't see pictures in Write - all I get is an icon
60 What about templates
61 Cannot run spell checker/thesaurus or wrong language spell tools
64 The receiver cannot read emails from Write
65 How do I insert a non-breaking space?
66 About the Write Backup file (ABK)

128 Emailing from a database form
140 Database limits (maximum number of records etc)
125 Parameter entry before running queries
123 How do I insert a row in database (and how to set a default sort order)
131 Creating filters based on Time
76 How do I fill a sheet of labels with the same address
71 "Syntax error in query" in Database
72 How do I connect to an Ability Database with ASP?
84 Default sort order
83 How to create a Switchboard
82 Creating a database of hyperlinks
81 Can Database be used with MySQL
79 Simple Address book example connecting with Write
74 How do I create address lables
80 Database compatibility with MDB
78 How to import ASCII text
77 Quick Database tutorial
73 Multiple fields on the last line of Address label

137 Generating a web page from spreadsheet data
141 Can I password protect my files
90 Best Fit Line/Regression Line Example
85 How to delete a manually inserted page-break
89 How about pivot tables
88 How to turn on/off the spreadsheet grid (and other display and print properties)
87 Cannot get loadAPR template to work correctly
86 Black cells appears black after import from Excel

133 How Photopaint sizes photos at print time

Macros and Automation
102 How to run a macro as an application starts/Autoexecute macros
129 How to create a simple database search button
93 Sending "any" keys to an application
94 Write macro to delete previous/next word
95 How to use Programmable Forms
103 How to create a control panel (or switchboard) in Database
96 How to use macro buttons to link Database forms
104 How to create a toolbar button to start external applications
101 Run macros from Hyperlinks
100 Start Database and open a form
99 Use Spreadsheet to create Excel xls
98 How to search and replace in Write
97 Automating printing of envelopes

139 Technical Support Policy
146 How to find the build version
164 Wir unterstützen nur Ability Office
135 Setting the character encoding for Ability
136 General problems opening email attachments
117 How to provide the right information
106 What about the Euro?
109 Trying to open a file and the Ability logo stays on screen
111 Do I need a CD for backup purposes?
112 What about printed documentation/manual/tutorials
114 Associating files (Excel, Word and others) with Ability applications
115 General File/Send problems
116 File Association trouble-shooter
118 How to add Ability icons to Desktop, Quick Launch toolbar and Start menu
119 What license agreement does Ability operate under
120 No toolbar or menu visible
127 Windows Vista issues
105 What are the limitations of Ability Office compared to Microsoft Office?

124 Where does Photoalbum store descriptions and notes