Ability Office Support

Support is free for current and recent versions only. Ability Office version 11 is the current version and versions 8, 9 and 10 will be supported until Feb 2023. Support is by email only. Please see support policy for more detail.

If you want to ask a support question, please do so using the built-in interface provided in the software. You can do this by selecting Tools/Online Support from within any Ability application. Alternatively, Online support is available via the Start button, Programs, and the Ability Office program group (under the Tools sub-menu for version 5 and earlier).

Product activations and keys: for activation, serial number and product key issues, please first view the support page for your version from the list below (also see note below on version).

If you want to check your serial number is valid and what version of Ability Office it is for, please the serial number verification page.

For FAQs and more details for the support on offer, please choose the appropriate version below.

What version do I have?

Try selecting the Windows Start button and then viewing the list of installed programs. If Ability is installed you will see a program group titled Ability Office 10 or Ability Office 8 or similar. The number gives you the major version installed. Alternatively, select the About button on the right edge of toolbar (or Help/About in version 5 and earlier) in any Ability application. The first digit of the build version gives you the major version - e.g. if it says "8.0.3" you have Ability Office 8 installed.

The Ability program group on Windows 10
In this case, version 7 is installed