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How do I insert a non-breaking space?

A non-breaking space looks like a normal space character except a line break won't separate the words around it. For example, you might want the text "Manchester Utd" to always appear on the same line.

Solution [Ability Office 98]

Select Insert/Symbol, choose the font you are using (not "symbol") and pick the first character on the fifth row (use the Select then Copy buttons)

Solution [Ability Office 2000/2002/v4]

Make a macro to do the job instead:

  1. Select Tools/Macro/Macros, type "HardSpace" for the macro name and click Create.

  2. Enter the following macro code and save:
    Selection.InsertAfter Chr(160)
    Selection.Collapse abBack

  3. Make a keyboard shortcut to the macro: select Tools/Customize/Macro Shortcuts, pick the macro you've just created, click into the Select New Shortcut Key box and key in the shortcut (e.g. Ctrl +). If it doesn't conflict with existing keystroke, select Assign.