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Knowledge base article 61

Cannot run spell checker/thesaurus or wrong language spell tools

The installer asks what language dictionary to install when you first install Ability Office 4. By default the installer will attempt to match your current locale with the correct language dictionary (if no match can be made, the US dictionary is installed).

Note: if Ability defaults to the wrong dictionary, you might have your computer set to the wrong location. See Control Panel and Regional Settings to correct.

To add further dictionaries to an existing installation, or change an existing installation, please select Start/Programs/Ability Office 4/Tools/Modify or Uninstall. The install program will run. Select the Modify option. You can choose to add/remove whatever dictionaries are required. E.g. in the screen shot below, both UK and Spanish will be installed and any others that may be installed will be removed.

After installation, select the language to be used in your application by selecting Tools/Options/Spell