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Kunskapsbasartikel 176

Cannot find serial number

Three common scenarios:

  1. You just bought Ability directly from ourselves at ability.com and have not received a confirmation of purchase email. It could be a spam problem (check your spam folder) or it could be a typo when you entered your email address at point of purchase. Please use the serial number checker or contact us at support@ability.com.
  2. You just bought or received Ability from a 3rd party supplier, for example an OEM that is bundling Ability with hardware, and cannot locate the serial number. Please look carefully for two banks of 5 alpha-numerics (XXXXX-XXXXX) - it will be there somewhere! If you still cannot find it, please contact the supplier. Please note that support at Ability will not know where the serial number will be printed in such cases.
  3. You have activated Ability previously and need to re-activate but have lost the serial number. You can retrieve your serial number (assuming you have the correct email address) from the serial number checker.