Foire aux questions pour l'auto-assistance.

Veuillez jeter un coup d'œil aux questions (et réponses) courantes dans la liste par défaut. Si vous ne trouvez pas ce que vous cherchez, commencez par sélectionner votre version Ability Office , puis affinez-la en saisissant le texte de recherche et/ou la catégorie.

Article de la base de connaissances 117

How to provide the right information

Why am I being referred to this page? You may have been sent an email back from support asking you to read this FAQ. The most likely reason is that the query you raised did not contain sufficient detail. In all cases, we need the following information as an absolute minimum:

Ability Office 4 - please always use the built-in help mechanism. It will save having to work out the first 3 items above. Select Help/Online Support within any application. Or, select Start/Programs/Ability Office/Tools/Technical Support.

Older versions - please note that we do not support older versions. For support, an upgrade will be required (see Knowledge Base Article 2). You can still submit the query using the online support form and we will attempt to reply (but priority will be given to current version users).

A note on replying. If you recieve a reply from support and you wish to respond, PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE THE ENTIRE "CONVERSATION" IN THE RESPONSE. If we receive an email saying nothing other than "You were wrong, it still doesn't work", we have to waste time trying to piece together the full story. Note that most email clients include the original message by default - if you have turned it off, please copy the entire message (including all your original text) and paste it below your latest response.