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Knowledge base article 158

Cannot start any Ability program - Windows error message (GPF)

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Try the following steps:

1. Ability not installed correctly

First, try uninstall and re-install from our website Download section. Try a reboot after install is complete.

2. Windows compatibility mode is set (when it should not be).

  1. Select Start/Programs/Ability Office 10 and right-click over say Ability Spreadsheet and select More and then Open file location.
  2. Next, right-click over the Ability program executable that is having problems and select Properties and then Compatibility.
  3. Make sure that no compatibility is set and the tick box is clear as shown in the following screen shot:

    Do not run the compatibility troubleshooter!

3. Try "clean" install

4. Final measure - contact support with a note on the error message you get on starting Ability.