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Knowledge base article 174

Error or problem when activating the software

If there is an error when activating, we always need to know 3 things:

  1. What serial number is being entered
  2. What error message is displayed
  3. What email address is being used

If you are directed to this message, please reply to support with the above information.

Common issues:

  1. The serial number has already been activated by another user - if you purchased directly from ability.com, please use the same email address as you entered at the time of purchase. The purchase process itself locks your serial number and email address together. If you are re-installing, please use the email first used in activation. Any further problems, please send full details to support.
  2. The serial number appears to be invalid - the serial number is always in the format XXXXX-XXXXX i.e. two banks of 5 alpha-numerics separated by a hyphen. Also, please make sure the email and serial number are not entered into each others edit-boxes.