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Article de la base de connaissances 42

How do I export to Access 97?

Note: For direct support for the mdb format, upgrade to the 2002 version.

Ability's database file format can be used directly by Microsoft Access 95/97.

If you want to send a database to an Access user, it may be less confusing for them if you rename the database file extension. E.g., if you copy the database to the floppy drive, use Windows Explorer to make the A: drive current, right-click over the database and select Rename. Keep the file name but change the extension to "mdb".

If you want to send a table from a database to an Access user, you should first create a new database to hold the table. Follow these steps:

a) In Ability Database, select File/New and enter myexport.mdb as the filename (you can use whatever name you want - just make sure you give it an mdb extension).

b) Re-open your database with the table to be exported. Right-click over the table and select Export. Select the "Microsoft Access Database" type and pick the new file you've just created (myexport.mdb in above case).

The end result is a Microsoft Access database containing a single table. You can repeat step b) for as many tables as wish to export.