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Knowledge base article 109

Trying to open a file and the Ability logo stays on screen

This can happen if you accidentally open a non supported file with Ability. A common example (goodness knows why!) is trying to use Ability Write to open an Adobe PDF file. If as well, the "Always use this program..." checkbox is clicked, then PDF will be associated with Ability Write and every time you try to open a PDF from Windows Explorer, the Ability logo will appear on screen then freeze, since it cannot handle this file format.

To remove the association between Ability and PDF (or any other file format incorrectly associated with Ability), do the following:

  1. Select Start/Programs/Widows Explorer.

  2. Select Tools/Options (or Folder Options)/File Types.

  3. Choose "Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)" or any whatever file type is causing you a problem.

  4. Click Remove and close the dialog.

Now try to open the PDF file directly from Windows Explorer (i.e. double-click on it). When prompted to pick a program, choose Adobe Acrobat and check the "Always use this program..." box.