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Knowledge base article 47

Error "W048F32W.DLL Not Found" (or similar)

Cause: The needed import/export filter has not been installed.

Solution part 1:

The standard install of Ability 4 comes with import filters for:

Microsoft Word (all Windows versions)
WordPerfect (up to version 6.0)
Lotus WordPro 96/97
AmiPro (up to version 3.1)
Microsoft Works (up to version 3.0)
Windows Write

If you are receiving the "Not Found" message with any of the above, check that you have actually installed the filters:

Select Start/Programs/Ability Office/Tools/Modify, select Modify and make sure W4W is installed.

Solution part 2:

Additional import filters are available by seperate installation of the following:


Click on the above link and select Open/Run to install.

A full list of the filters in the above follow:

Claris Works NACY DIF
COM OfficeWriter
CTOS DEF Peach Text
EBCDIC Quattro Pro
Enable Rapid File
Excel Samna Word/HP Adv Plus
FFT VolksWriter 3,4 & TW
Frame Maker MIF VolksWriter Deluixe
Frame Work Wang II SWP
Interleaf Wang PC
Interleaf 5 - 6 Wang WP Plus
Legacy, Winstar, onGo WITA
Lotus 123 WiziWord 3.0
Mac Word 3, 4, 5 WordPerfect Mac 1
Mac Write 4.x, 5.0 WordPerfect Mac 2
Mac Write II Wordstar
MacWrite Pro Wordstar 2000
Manuscript WPS-PLUS
MASS 11 WriteNew 3.0 (Mac)
MS Works 4.0 Mac Writing Assistant
Multimate XyWrite Signature

For a list of filter codes, please see filters.pdf. This list can be useful in identifying what the real document format is (for example, a .doc file could be from Word WordPerfect, RTF etc).