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What about templates

Do we supply extra templates? No - this "philosophy" is one of the reasons we are nearer 20MB to download rather than 200MB.

In any case, templates are easy to make yourself. For example, to create your own template that contains your address in the top right corner of the page, try these steps:

  1. Start Write (Start/Programs/Ability Office/Write).
  2. Select File/New and click the Template radio button (base it on NORMAL to start off with).
  3. Select Insert/Frame and draw a frame in the top-right hand section of the page.
  4. Type your address details in the new frame.
  5. Make any other format changes you want for the template.
  6. Click the Save button and call the new template whatever you want e.g. Home.
  7. Select File/New from the menus, choose Home and click the Document radio button - you now have a new document based on the new template.

Repeat step 7 each time you want to use the template.

For more information, select Help/Write Help and look up Templates in the index.