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Artículo de la base de conocimiento 134

Serif Photoplus tries to run the MSP patch file

Problem: when you try to run a Microsoft Windows Installer patch, instead of the patch installing, Serif Photoplus tries to open the MSP file.

Note this problem is a general problem with Photoplus and not Ability since it will affect any other patch files you may try to install. The best solution is to have MSP files associated with Windows Installer and not Photoplus. However, you can side step it in the case of Ability by installing from the zip.

Quick solution: install via the zip as described in Knowledge Base Article 25: How do I put an Ability icon onto the desktop - this is OK until you next need to install a patch (Ability or otherwise).

Better solution: set file association of MSP to Windows Installer and run the patch again.

  1. Start Windows Explorer
  2. Select Tools/Folder Options/File Types
  3. Locate MSP
  4. Click Advanced and Edit and set the following:
    Action=&Apply Patch
    Application Used="C:\WINDOWS\System32\msiexec.exe" /p "%1" %*
    Use DDE=checked
    and the rest blank