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Kunskapsbasartikel 74

How do I create address lables

Address labels are printed and created by Ability Database (can also be done in Write in version 4). The typical scenario would be printing your address list on labels. Here's an outline of how to get started:

  1. Start Database: Start/Programs/Ability Office/Ability Database.

  2. Create your address book: If you have already created your address book in Database skip to step 4. If not, create a new database with File/New and enter a new name. Add a table by selecting File/New/Table, select Table Wizard, select the "Customer" table, click Next, click the ">>" button to add all the fields and then click the Finish button. Click OK and then give your table a name, e.g. Addresses.

  3. Add your data: Double-click on the new table to open it and then add some real names and addresses.

  4. Create a label report: Select File/New/Report and choose the Labels option. Choose the label type to match the type of label stationery you have (nearly all stationery will match a known Avery label format). Click Next and choose a table (e.g. Addresses). Click Next and choose the fields for your first line of the report -  e.g. cust_title, firstname, lastname - use the ">" button to select these fields. Click Next and add the remainder of your fields. Click Finish

The report can now be previewed and printed.