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Kennisbank artikel 76

How do I fill a sheet of labels with the same address

Please note: Ability Write version 4 can do this easily. Please see Upgrades.

What you want is to print a sheet of labels with the same name and address, say 8 labels. You can do this using Ability's relational functions. The solution seems a little long-winded perhaps but it does mean that you can choose any address by changing a single field.

Suppose you have a client table that looks like this:

ClientID ClientName Address1 Address2
1 Phil Roach 11 Petworth Court San Francisco
2 Andy Smith 38 St Saviours Wharf Durham
3 Chris England 23 Kingston Drv Sydney

Note: The table above has a "ClientID" field that uniquely identifies any particular record. You could use "Name" - but what happens if you have two "Andy Smiths"? If your name and address table has not already got a primary key, add one! (e.g. Select Format/Table, add a new field "tablenameID" and make type Incremental. Click Format and set Index to be Primary).

Repeat Labels Step 1

Create a table with the name ClientRepeat. It has two fields and a single record:

ClientRepeatID ClientID
1 2

Make "ClientRepeatID" an incremental field and the primary key. Make "ClientID" of type numeric and select the Format button to set the numeric format to Long. This table stores the ClientID that you want to print out - in this case, ClientID is set to "2" which is the record for Andy Smith.

Repeat Labels Step 2

Next, create a table with the name LabelRepeat. It has one field and the record is repeated for the number of labels you want. In our example, we want 8 copies of a label so there are 8 records as follows:


Make "ClientRepeatID" of type numeric and select the Format button to set the numeric format to Long.

Repeat Labels Step 3

Create a new relation with the name LabelPrn that joins the above tables together. Here's what the relation looks like in the create relation dialog:

Left Table Join Field Right Table Join Field Join Type
Client ClientID ClientRepeat ClientID Inner
ClientRepeat ClientRepeatID LabelRepeat ClientRepeatID Inner

Repeat Labels Step 4

Now create a new label report. When prompted, base the lable on the Relation LabelPrn and then proceed as normal (see Knowledge Base Article 74: How do I create address lables for more details).

How it works

Enter the "ClientID" of the address you want to replicate in the ClientID field of the ClientRepeat table. This table is relationally linked to both the LabelRepeat table (save's typing the ClientID 8 times) and the Client table to pull through the actual data.