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Kennisbank artikel 124

Where does Photoalbum store descriptions and notes

Suppose you install Ability on a new PC and want to transfer existing notes and descriptions.

First, you must copy across all your photos. It simplifies matters greatly if you copy these to the same folder structure. Suppose you are a user called PHIL and store photos in "My Documents" and have installed Ability on a new PC. In this case, it's easiest to create a new user called PHIL and copy all the photos to My Documents when logged-on as phil.

Next, copy across the database of notes and descriptions. This file is called phdb.ddd and can be found in:

C:\Documents and Settings\PHIL\Application Data\Ability\db\phdb.ddd

Copy it to the same location on the new PC, overwritting the existing (assuming you have not created new albums, notes and descriptions yet.


  1. The Database phdd.ddd is actually an Ability database and can be viewed and edited by Database (or Microsoft Access). It contains the text of the descriptions and also the path of the photos.
  2. If the user name has been changed, recreate the original path and copy the photos to this folder instead. In the above example, this would be:
    C:\Documents and Settings\PHIL\My Documents\
  3. When transferring the photos, it's a good idea to also copy across the albums themselves. The album file is the name you have given it with an "aph" extension. For example, an album named "mypics" would be called mypics.aph.