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Knowledge base article 54

Can't see text  in Write - all I get is blank screen

This is caused by not having an up-to-date driver for your graphics adapter. You can usually remedy this by:

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This usually occurs on installing Windows 95/98 (or installing a new graphics card under Windows 95/98) and using the Driver that Windows decides on rather than installing the driver according to manufacturer instructions. This can happen with the ATI Rage set of graphics adapters. For example, if you let Windows 98 choose the driver having installed the ATI 3D Rage PRO card, you will see the following driver information (Click the Start button, select Settings/Control Panel and select "Display" and view the Adapter tab):

This driver will cause the problem as described above. 

If you install the driver from the ATI CD instead, you'll get the following:

And all will be OK.