Support Downloads (DOS & Win 3.1)

There is no charge for any of the support downloads at this site.

Please don't attempt to jump a version from these downloads (don't download vers 2.0 files if you've only got vers 1.0) - It won't work!

Download and installation

All the downloads are supplied as compressed, self-extracting executables using either standard "zip" compression, compatible with Pkzip, Winzip and other compression technologies or Installshield's own self-extracting exe technology.

  1. Click on the download link you require in the table below.
  2. Your browser will display a "download" dialog prompting you to save the download file. Choose a convenient folder to store the file in (it doesn't matter where, as long as you remember where you've put it).
  3. When the download is complete, use Windows Explorer to locate the download and double-click on the file to install it.

Note on installing updates on DOS PC's

(This only applies to non-Windows 95/98/NT based PC's). If you want to transfer the download to a DOS only PC, you should copy it to the default folder before running it. For example, if you have a separate PC that runs DOS 3.1 and you want to update your Ability Plus 3.0 on it, you'll need to copy ab312.exe to c:\ab3 before entering the DOS command "ab312".

Product Size Download Default folder Notes
Ability Plus 3.0
Program update 613K ab312.exe \ab3 Latest Ability 3.0 (this includes a drivers update). If your version of Ability Plus 3.0 is dated earlier than November 1996 (check the date on the main EXE file AB30.EXE), we recommend you download this file. When installed, look at the Write file JUN97DOC and the spreadsheet FIXJUN97. These describe new features and give a list of fixes
Printer Driver 45K drivers3.exe \ab3 Printer driver update only
Ability Plus 2.0
Program update 440K ab220.exe \ab2 Latest maintenance release of Ability Plus 2.0 (includes a drivers update)
Printer Driver 37K drivers2.exe \ab2 Printer driver update only
Ability Plus 1.0
Program update 353K ab10m.exe \ability Latest maintenance release of Ability Plus 1.0 (includes driver file)
Printer Driver 35K drivers1.exe \ability Printer driver update only
Ability 1.2
Printer Driver 34K driverab.exe \ability Printer driver update only
General Utilities
Ability for Windows Recovery 62K abwrcd.exe \ability Ability for Windows recovery file - tries to unscramble corrupted data files. Install and take a look at the Write file FRECOVER.AWW for instructions
Master form rebuilder 43K abrbxpf.exe \ability Rebuilds master forms for databases (Ability, Ability Plus, any version). Install and look at the RBXPF Write file for instructions
Novell fix 9K netfix.exe n/a Fixes Novell compatibility problem for early versions of Ability (Ability 1.2 and Ability Plus 1.0). This file is not zipped